Habitat ScreensTM are retractable screens that are installed on the exterior of the building. Habitat ScreensTM block the sun without blocking the view. Select Habitat ScreensTM provide solar protection, reduce internal temperatures, mitigate UV damage and provide daytime privacy. Habitat ScreensTM are custom made for your application and harmonize with the exterior of the building or patio.

Screen Applications Include:

The frame of Habitat ScreensTM are made with high-quality aluminum making them lightweight but durable and comes in 5 stock colors. Select carries three varieties of screen material specifically formulated for use in exterior applications, these have three different openness factors corresponding to the amount of light let in. The screen material comes in a variety of colors. Select also offers custom painting with over 1800 available options. Select offers manual or motorized operation with a variety of control options.

Tuffscreen: Openess factor of approximately 45%. This is an insect protection screen and is used in applications where a reduction in insects is desired but solar protection is not needed.

Suntex 90: Openess factor of approximately 10%. This is a screen for solar and thermal protection and is used in applications where insect reduction and solar protection is desired but more air flow is desired.

Suntex 95: Openess factor of approximately 5%. This is a screen for solar and thermal protection and is used in applications where insect and wind reduction and solar protection is desired.

Superior Sun Protection & Energy Efficiency

Habitat Screens™ are a sun protection solution. They are retractable, energy efficient, and an attractive alternative to traditional interior blinds and window treatments.

Habitat Screens™ are like sunglasses for your home to provide superior sun protection. Habitat Screens™ help to provide protection from harmful UV damage without obstructing your view.

Our Habitat Screens™ will exceed your expectations of quality, performance, and style. We take pride in developing and manufacturing the finest products to give each of our customer’s exceptional value. Call us today at 403.262.2999 for a quote!